Dragonborn will not be selectable as a player race.

Tiefling will not be selectable as a player race.

Aasimar (Volo’s Guide to Monsters) will be selectable as a player race.

Goblin (Volo’s Guide to Monsters) will be selectable as a player race.

The Noble background will not be selectable as a player background.

The Haunted One background will be selectable as a player background.

The Forge domain (with some tweaks) will be available for Clerics of Svarog.

Divine Vs. Druidic

There are two faiths in Zemlya, the Druidic faith and the Divine faith. The Druidic faith focuses on the World Spirits described in this document and treats them the same as a Cleric would treat their deity. The source of a Druids power is based on his ability to beseech the World Spirits in hopes they will grant him/her a fraction of their power in the same way a Cleric may offer a prayer to his/her deity in exchange for miracles.

Despite worshipping different beings the two faiths do not compete for the adoration of the masses. A farmer may make an offering to Mat-Zemlya in the morning before sowing seeds in hopes that he will reap a great harvest, while later that day offering a prayer to Svarog to keep his family safe during the night.

The gods of Zemlya can be divided into two categories: the World Spirits, representing the cyclical forces of the natural world, and the Celestial Stewards, divine beings that are able to influence the lives of mortals by performing miracles or, in some cases, enacting punishment. While the gods are not always benevolent or well intentioned, their actions and influence is often not malicious in its intent.

The Nistaya (Devils) exist as the Yin to the gods Yang. The Nistaya are led by Bys, a God that rules a twisted domain beyond the veil of death. Nistaya rarely show themselves openly, especially in the world of the living, as they risk the wrath of the gods if discovered. Instead they operate from the shadows, preying on mortal failings in the hopes of claiming another soul on the way to the afterlife.

About Elves…

Elves, for the time being are no longer considered a long lived race. Even though the Celestial Stewards have made their return the Zemlya and the world is slowly healing from the corruption that spread during the endless night the curse of the Elves has not been lifted. Starting around 120 years of age an Elf’s mental state slowly begins to degrade as they succumb to the curse, becoming more cunning, aggressive, and malevolent. The curse has come to fruition when the Elf mutates into a twisted abomination hell bent on destruction. As such, they often put themselves down or their kin does so before the curse becomes too advanced.


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