Pseudonyms: the Crow, Lady of the Waning Year

Symbol: a Crow in flight.

Morena is death and rebirth realized within the confines of a single being. No prayers or offerings are made to her, only the passing acknowledgement of her presence when a life ends. There is a common saying amongst mortals that “the eye of the crow is upon me/you/them” when a person or group is about to perish in some way.

She is somewhat unique in that she is the only World Spirit with a physical form. At least, she’s been ascribed a form by mortals who claim to see a woman wreathed in the feathers of a crow when they near the end of their life. She also has a symbol, the form of a crow in flight that is used primarily as a warning to others that death rules over a place. The symbol is also found in rituals used by death cults and occult rituals that create particularly nasty breeds of undead horrors (such as the creature documented by the bard Nathaniel) or twisted beings from the beyond the boundaries of reality.


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