Pseudonyms: Mother of Earth, Zemlya, Gaia     

Symbol: -

Mat-Zemlya, or more commonly just Zemlya, is a spiritual manifestation of the earth itself and the namesake of the world. She is considered the root of all life and many living things pay their respects to her, or at least tread carefully so as not to anger her. She is characterized as cheerful and patient but when angered, her fury brings unmatched destruction in the form of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

It is said that if one digs a hole in the ground and whispers into it she will hear. She is also said to be fond of earth-grown vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and turnips. It is customary during the harvest season to make an offering of these vegetables by returning them to the earth, particularly if the harvest is bountiful. Another form of offering is Ale, preferably a bitter, hoppy ale poured into soft earth. Kissing the earth, of course, is a common gesture of thanks for deliverance from a dangerous situation.

As a World Spirit, she is represented in the druidic tradition.


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