Population: 150

Demographics: Mostly Human, Few Demi-Humans

Services: Basic Provisions, Blacksmith

The village of Druhya is humanities first attempt at establishing a foothold across the Weeping Sea. After following the writings that detail Saint Oster’s journey, explorers set out from Domova to find new lands, and with a little luck, new allies. After sailing for several weeks due west, they finally caught sight of land. This land would later be named Yarimoy in honour of the ship’s captain but it would still be another tenure of mapping the coastline before a suitable spot for an outpost was found.

Now the village has survived its 8th winter and despite the hardships faced by its residents, finds a way to continue growing. Some basic services are available for the right price such as a blacksmith and a central trading post where food, rope, and other basic necessities can be found. While there is no temple, there is a local priestess of Svarog, a Dawn Seeker as they’re known, that has come to the village who is fairly skilled in tending wounds and treating illnesses. Ivan runs the local watering hole, the Laughing Kraken, and despite his intimidating and weathered appearance, newcomers would be wise to seek him out.


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