Population: 2000

Demographics: Mostly Human, 20% Demi-Humans

Services: Basic Provisions, Blacksmith, Armory, Shipbuilder

Domova is the largest known settlement in the world. It was founded by Saint Oster after the occurrence of the New Dawn and lies at the foot of the Temple Mount. Though it has existed for less than half a century the town grew quickly after word of a place offering shelter from the evils that roam the land spread.

Domova does not have a centralized government of any kind. No monarchs, rulers, or aristocrats exist in the city. Instead, various guilds have formed and their leaders have come together to build any required infrastructure or make important decisions that may impact the lives of all citizens in Domova. This process is overseen by the Temple Mount, the home of the servants of the gods to guard against corruption and speak on behalf of the citizenry when their leaders appear to not be listening.

There are very few laws in Domova, instead favouring a culture that encourages citizens to work together and refrain from causing each other harm or hardship. When a crime is committed, a trial is held at the Temple Mount, presided over by a High Priest of Svarog. If the offender is found to have infringed on the wellbeing of another through his/her crime, a suitable punishment is meted out. The most severe punishment, handed out to repeat offenders or those that commit high crimes such as murder, is banishment. One might say they are being let off easy but life outside the walls of Domova is just as harsh as it ever was. The dawn provides some respite but when the sun sets, evil still stirs and dark creatures roam the countryside looking for easy prey.


There are many different guilds in Domova for just about any profession one can imagine. The most prominent guild is the Builder’s Guild. With the steady growth of the city there is always a demand for stonemasons, carpenters, glassmakers, and similar professions. Almost rivaling the Builder’s Guild in size and influence is the Craftsman’s Guild whose membership consists primarily of blacksmiths, armorers, tanners, weavers, and anyone else that refines raw materials into usable objects.

A somewhat unique guild, known as the Reclaimer’s Guild, is a guild made up of folks that focus on exploring ancient buildings, reclaiming whatever items, currency, or in some cases magical artifacts that can be found within, and if it is worthwhile to do so reconstructing the building itself. The Reclaimers Guild counts merchants, mercenaries, adventurers, and some tradespeople amongst its membership.


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